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E. 227: Nick Temte & Dylan Overhouse | “Hitchin’ a Ride” Music Video

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They (The Remainders) wanted to make a live performance based video…showed up to all their shows with a three camera set-up…really just focused on their live performances and documenting those.

We had a quick chat with Musician Nick Temte and Videographer Dylan Overhouse, we have chatted with both these artists on individual podcasts but now they have come together to talk about the “Hitchin’ a Ride” a music video project for local music favorites “The Remainders.”

La Crosse Local is proud sponsor of the La Crosse Winter Roots Festival. Brent Hanifl 01:45
So today we have Nick Temte and Dylan Overhouse. Nick, we chatted with you and your father Andy, you know the rock band the Remainders on episode 167. You know, we actually talked about the creation of the song Hitching a Ride. And then a little bit down the road, I know Dylan Overhouse of Dylan Overhouse Productions kind of jumped on board last few months kind of pulled together some visuals and multiple different live shows. And then it was recently released the song, but then the video came out. So Nick, the last time we chatted about your contribution to song, what was it like collaborating with your dad and then having the song turned into this music video?

Nick Temte 02:23
Well, it’s just to tackle the collaboration part, it’s just been super, a super cool bonding experience to work with my dad like that. I think working in the studio together has brought us a lot closer. And it’s just been a great place to you know, practice my mixing chops and work on being more a better engineer and being able to work around my system better. And so I’ve gotten a lot more familiar with the creation aspect and then turning that into a music video, you know, just kind of is really helping me understand that connection from creation to release and everything that leads up to that it all just snowballs. And then suddenly, it’s like, oh, we got so much to do. I thought I could just push a button these days on TuneCore and press release. But there’s a lot more that goes into it, so.

Brent Hanifl 03:15
Dylan, how did you get involved? You’re always around shooting live music, but how did the project get started for you?

Dylan Overhouse 03:21
Yeah, I’ve been working with the Remainders for a couple years now recording videos. So Andy had reached out to me over the summer, and said that he had been working on this song with his son, Nick, and that they wanted to make a live performance based video for it. So we continued the conversation. And I kind of showed up to all their shows with like, a three camera setup. Because there’s when you’re trying to capture six people in the band, there’s kind of a lot going on. So I wanted to make sure I had all those bases covered. And really just focused on their live performances and documenting those.

Brent Hanifl 04:07
I’ve seen it you know, on social media, seen it on the Remainders page, but also what has been the public response to it? I know they’re always actively doing, you know, the Remainders are actually doing streamed live shows since COVID. But how have people responded to this new piece?

Nick Temte 04:22
I’ve been really surprised by the amount of people that have reacted to it and commented on it. We did a big push on Facebook, because we knew that this was the first real like a piece of Remainders content that we could just get out there and tell people like hey, the Remainders have been this great classic rock cover band for a long time in the area. But now we’re starting to create music and trying to sell the father son aspect of it. So I think, you know, getting me on stage really helped kind of tie that together within the video and show kind of my role in it. And yeah, the public response so it’s been super fun. That was people leaving comments on oh, this is my new jam and so just been it’s been really cool to see all of that especially after everything that was put into this from Dylan and my dad and myself.

Brent Hanifl 05:12
Yeah and also the Remainders will be hitting the stage for the La Crosse Winter Roots Festival which is Saturday, February 12th. Are you in the band now? Or are you going to be there for that show or?

Nick Temte 05:22
I am not in the band, but I do have on stage quite a bit every time it feels right. I’ll play bass and the Hitching a Ride song and whatever songs we do moving forward because that’s kind of my job instrumentally record a couple of things here and there you know, I map out the drums and all that but the bass is really the part where I get to fully lean in and get full creative control. So I let the actual bass’, so for people who are confused by the video where they see me and kind of changing places on stage you know when I’m not available to play a song and we’ll play the song but Ed is gracious enough to step aside for those couple minutes and and let me hop on stage because he’s really supportive of the father son aspect of it.

Brent Hanifl 06:08
Outside of this video in this project, what’s next for you guys is there anything exciting coming down the line for you individually or?

Nick Temte 06:16
So yeah, I got a we just got done in the studio recording the next single for the Remainders, that’s going to be a super cool one. I’ll try to keep it short. So we don’t spoil too much about it. But it’s actually a song that’s been in the works for like 35 years, it was a love song written from my dad to my mom when they were teenagers. So having the song go through different transformations all through the years, and it’s been recorded once before, but it hasn’t been released. So we basically stripped it down to its acoustic guitar bones and then added a full band element so that’ll be really exciting and that should be coming out in January. So start off the new year with a new song and I’ve been working on my mixing and mastering chops. So I will be putting out some music ion my own in the future. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a stage name or anything like that. But uh you know, I got a project out there on YouTube under Nick Temte, but I really want to put a little bit more of my full self into it. Yeah, so what’s next is we got that single coming out. So I’m going to be looking forward I’m going to be kind of doing I’m going under a rebranding, like under construction type thing with with my solo work, but I’m really working to fully rebrand and just kind of put my full self out there. And just be super genuine and super honest with that. So that’s really exciting. But it’s really just in the works right now just being talked about and working through some songs, so.

Brent Hanifl 07:47
Nice. So Dylan, what’s coming up for you anything over the winter?

Dylan Overhouse 07:51
I just plan on slowing down and honing in on my cinematography skills, as well as spending a little bit more focus on my storytelling abilities. And hopefully, getting ready for spring and shooting some top secret personal projects.

Brent Hanifl 08:09
Nice. So if people want to check out the video you guys collaborated on what’s the best avenue for them to go to?

Nick Temte 08:15
We tried to make it as easy as possible to access it. So you can go to the and that’ll be right there on the front page. You can find it on YouTube of course and then it’s been circulating around Facebook quite a bit. So just look up the Remainders on Facebook, Youtube or just check out the website. There it is.

Amy Gabay 08:37
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