The Deathless Dogs Five Across The Eyes

As the band announces a potential final breakup, the Troubadogs embrace the good times once and for all on The Last Walk, a collection of tracks that will come together as their debut album and encapsulate their familiar musical sound and style for years to come.

The Last Walk

The Troubadogs

With The Last Walk, the Troubadogs’ intention was simple: record an album featuring four songs from each songwriter in the band as one last tribute to their time together. However, being the band’s debut album while simultaneously existing as their final album, The Last Walk had to perfectly capture the exuberance and unique dynamic of the group. Ranging from folk rock and country songs to soulful ballads, acoustic tracks, and pop rock, polished from the band’s time playing together and highlighted by the distinctive talents of each member.

The Troubadogs recorded all the instrumental tracks on the album live, emphasizing the band’s energetic live sound and giving The Last Walk the authentic, raw sound that fans have come to expect from years of live shows. The tracks also feature the beloved lead vocals and the stellar harmonies that have characterized the Troubadogs style since the beginning. One of the album’s highlight tracks is “The Road Well Travelled’,” a powerful love ballad featuring additional harmonies by the band member’s wives. Other tracks like “Whole Life Mutual Blues” and “Estes To Beale Street” dig into the genre of folk-rock, while “Sometimes I Don’t Know How You Put Up with Me” is a slower track with a slight countryish sound. With a range of sounds and instruments from acoustic guitar and electric guitar to mandolin, keyboards, and harmonica, plus the unique vocals of all six members, the twelve track album explores a variety of genres and perfectly culminates over twenty years of The Troubadogs’ history together.

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If you like Uncle Tupelo, WILCO, Son Volt or any other alternative country from 1987 to 1994, you will probably like the Troubadogs and their album The Last Walk.

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