La Crosse Local Podcast E.74: Mike Munson

Mike Munson has many musical influences but up front he is a blues musician. From touring and becoming friends with blues legend…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.20: Alexander Platt

Alexander Platt is the Conductor of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra, we got to talk with him about the importance of the symphony…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.48: Dayne Stevens

Dayne Stevens is a local artist working in marker, colored pencil, and wood blocks. Recently, expressive portraits and characters….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.21: Pat Morse Gund

Pat Morse Gund is an artist and a teacher, her work is abstract in nature, and her most recent work uses figures inspired from her students.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.36: Scott Cheek

We are chatting with Scott Cheek, an area painter. Scott shares how he got into art, the current La Crosse arts scene and why his work touches…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.61: Leanne Poellinger

Leanne Poellinger is a local mixed media artist who works in a variety of mediums, including paper collage, mosaics, acrylics, watercolor…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.57: Parker Forsell & Abby Lee

We chatted with the Parker Forsell & Abby Lee, the Creative and Managing Director of Mid West Music Fest, over a decade…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.54: ZAMMEK

We talked with the band Zammek, they shared their musical pasts, musical influences, and their process that went into their recent EP…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.22: Steven Doll

Steven Doll is the Pilgrimage Outreach Director at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe nestled in the hills of La Crosse…Steve shares the “sacred art”…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.17: Erin Waldhart

Erin talks about the challenges and successes of WAFER. From their dedicated staff, volunteers, and helpers to their continued outreach to those in need.

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