La Crosse Local Podcast E.13: Tracy Endrizzi and Nicole Uecker

Tracy Endrizzi and Nicole Uecker share their passion for art, creativity, and creating a creative art space. Located on 15th and Market, artPOP….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.29: Matt Boschka

Local entrepreneur Matt Boshcka, tells us about his past and what set the stage for his foray into business, being a restaurateur, and….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.10: Landon Sheely

We’re talking to La Crosse born Landon Sheely, who defines himself as “Classically untrained & foolishly optimistic”. In 2018, Landon…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.45: Tracy Balzer

Tracy Balzer, local DJ and improv actor, talks about her origins with comedy and what led her to improv with the troupe Heart of La Crosse.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.30: Connie Minowa

Connie Minowa is an artist based out of Viroqua, Wisconsin, and is also well known for being a LIVE painter and member of the acclaimed band Cloud Cult.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.37: Shane Lamb

Shane Lamb is the owner, potter, and teacher at the La Crosse Clay Center. The Center is part gallery, part studio, and part education center.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.85: The Dirty Dozen

We chatted with The Dirty Dozen, three Dads slinging donuts to a rabid fan base and selling out weekly. We talked about the origin of the…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.86: 608 Brewing Company

We talked brewing with Phil Humphrey of 608 Brewing Company, we talked about the process of creating beer, the origins of 608….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.23: Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is an entrepreneur and restaurateur, owning a number of restaurants in La Crosse including Howies, Big Al’s, and The Crow…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.93: Dominique Luecke

On this episode, we chatted with Dominique Luecke, Production and Special Event Coordinator for the La Crosse Community Theatre.

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