La Crosse Local Podcast E.18: Lewis Kuhlman

Lewis Kuhlman is the Environmental Planner & Arts Board Secretary for the City of La Crosse, Lewis fills us in on how the Board is involved…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.13: Tracy Endrizzi and Nicole Uecker

Tracy Endrizzi and Nicole Uecker share their passion for art, creativity, and creating a creative art space. Located on 15th and Market, artPOP….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.41: Eric Timmons

Eric Timmons is with the newly formed La Crosse Independent, it’s a new news outlet for the Coulee region. Eric explains how he got into journalism…journalism

La Crosse Local Podcast E.22: Steven Doll

Steven Doll is the Pilgrimage Outreach Director at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe nestled in the hills of La Crosse…Steve shares the “sacred art”…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.31: David Schipper

David Schipper is an area musician and board member of the Great River Folk Fest, which has been held annually for the last 45 years.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.14: Dr. Cullan Lucas

The Driftless Urban Orchestra is the La Crosse region’s newest professional chamber orchestra which was formed to be “an advocate of underrepresented composers and new music alike.”

La Crosse Local Podcast E.28: Matt Monsoor

Matt Monsoor has been playing in one band or another throughout the La Crosse area for a number of years. For the last couple years he’s gone solo…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.3: Eva Marie Restel

I sat down to talk with Eva Marie Restel about these educational programs. She is the executive director of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.21: Pat Morse Gund

Pat Morse Gund is an artist and a teacher, her work is abstract in nature, and her most recent work uses figures inspired from her students.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.29: Matt Boschka

Local entrepreneur Matt Boshcka, tells us about his past and what set the stage for his foray into business, being a restaurateur, and….

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