Dublin Square Irish Pub: Friday Fish All Day Every Day

If you do not carry malt vinegar you have no business slinging fish on this side of the Mississippi or any side for that matter.

Abram Dyke

Eater of Food, Drinker of Drinks

Dublin Square I feel was the start of something new in La Crosse. It was one of the first dominos to bring new life into the downtown scene. They opened in 2011 and since then it feels like downtown has realized there’s more than a bar scene that can be supported in that neck of the woods. Brew pubs have really taken off since then, and we are all able to benefit. This place is clean and has a nice outdoor seating area that is heated and has TVs. The drinks are great and the black and tan is indeed only two colors.

Friday Fish All Day Every Day

This place’s batter is probably my favorite in town. It’s got a wea bit o’pepper that offers a lil heat to the crunchy exterior. My middle class white boy mind didn’t know there was an option of a batter that isn’t just flour and egg. If you’ve wanted to try Irish fare this is the place to go. This place makes the butter spread, tartar sauce, and the soda bread all in house. All of which I really enjoyed. The soda bread had a hint o’ sweet that surprised me but made it more enjoyable to mow through.

Malt Vinegar Is A Must

I have an assumption that I shouldn’t hold but here it is. If you do not carry malt vinegar you have no business slinging fish on this side of the Mississippi or any side for that matter.  Your batter and fries gotta maintain a crunch through a mini shower of vinegar that just elevates the whole affair to where a fish and chip experience should be.  La Crosse has a bustling fish friday game and I believe this place showcases what that can be. They do also have seafood specials on friday as well, if the classic isn’t for you. If you like it as much as I, I am pleased to inform you its available on any day of the week.

Irish Breakfast Shot

There are also a lot of Irish dishes that I believe stand out there. Try these if you’re feeling a change of pace from typical pub foods; the reuben egg rolls, the shepherds pie, and if you’re there to get sauced get an irish breakfast shot. Those and the fried fish are my staples of Dublin Square.

Abram Dyke

Abram Dyke


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