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The Wines & Olive Oil of Aris Global Imports!

The Wines & Olive Oil of Aris Global Imports!


By Abram Dyke

Before I begin, know that I am not a sommelier, I’m just a Wisconsinite with a pale body and an affliction to ramble.

I feel honored and lucky to try a few of the wines supplied by Aris Global Imports. They are the only supplier of wines from the Greek, Simeonidis Estate to the United States. With grapes grown in the Pageo Mountain Range of Kavala Greece. The Simeonidis estate is a three-generation vineyard managed by people who live and breathe wine. Just thinking about being in Greece drinking wine by the sea just hypnotizes me into calm and thanks. Because I yearn for outside I thought nature would best be paired with wine. Let’s talk about the bottles, shall we? Before I begin, know that I am not a sommelier, I’m just a Wisconsinite with a pale body and an affliction to ramble.

Kokkino Fili

First up is the Kokkino Fili which is Greek for “a kiss of red”. This semisweet rosé comes out kicking. A sweet bouquet with a boozy yet buoyant flavor. This should be kept cool to maintain the sweet flavor and served in a cocktail glass.

The pros say to pair with the following:
Mincemeat pie
Penne with roasted vegetables
Roasted mushrooms
Cheese tart
Fruit Salad

I would say a pistachio pasta would be an amazing, mild counterbalance to the complex sweet-tart of the rosé wine.  For those wondering the details, it’s made of 90 percent muscat of Alexandria and 10 percent Merlot. Did I drink most of it in one sitting? Yes, because it was tasty and cocktail glasses make me feel like it’s not a large amount if I pour many small glasses. I think overall, this would make Seal sing his classic; me, the wine, and his song would be all I need to die a happy man.


Next on the stage has a bit of history with it, and if you’re like me and have little wine knowledge this may intrigue you as it did me. Malagousia is a dry white wine made from a once thought to be extinct grape. It was rediscovered then made available to us in the 70s. The flavor is an acidic sweetness of pineapple, apricot, and lemon.

The pros pair it with:
Cheese souffle
Roasted mushrooms with cheese
Cabbage rolls
Roast chicken

I’d pair it with a drama and charcuterie board on a rainy day. I think it’s pretty versatile and could be served with quite a bit of things.


The name stands for Ilio=Sun Stalaktos=ray. This sunray is amazing and intense like the sun. The mix break down is 50 Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Syrah. I love its name and complex flavor.  Like most reds, it pairs with meat and poultry. I am working on getting my red palate in order but my lady who loves reds was very satisfied. I drank it with supper. Which was a salad made of many baked sweet potato, red onion, rotisserie chicken,  and chickpeas all glazed with olive oil also supplied by Aris and can be purchased through their website right here. I loved it all!

The Olive Oil

I feel like olive oil is really hit or miss, this was fresh and light and hit me the way I was hoping it would.  I used it to coat the veggies before the bake and as part of my dressing mix with red wine vinegar. All this together was filling and tasty.  All of these Wines can be purchased at Woodman’s and support a local La Crosse veteran and his family. The olive oil is purchased directly on his site mentioned above. The only supplier in America for all of these products is Aris Global Imports, I love the exclusivity factor that comes with it.

Hey I’m Abram, a La Crosse towny. I am a person who is always curious. I love food, geology, hiking, biking and drinks of all kinds. I plan on learning more and more about a lot of different things. In my free time I like eating, cooking, gaming, and hiking.

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