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Get Baked | Act III: Cupcake Artistry

Get Baked | Act III: Cupcake Artistry


By Abram Dyke

Now that I am wiser, and more complete, I feel I really need to share this knowledge with you. They are my favorite cupcakes I have had… ever. Sorry, friends and family, you do not compare to these puppies.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany, owner and a mental sleuth of many magical cakes. I don’t know how but she has a grimoire of over 100 different flavors of cupcake to bestow upon us plebeians.  The crazy thing about all of these is that there is a ton of different frostings that complement each flavor of sponge to perfection.  She started this journey in July of 2020 when we all needed some more sweetness in our lives. By this summer she was making up to two thousand cupcakes a week and with that type of success, she left her job to further hone and develop as a baker.  She gave me a huge sample pack and now my prediabetic ass has a new hook.

I can’t talk these up more, I would say typical cupcakes are a little too much frosting to cake ratio and the frosting always tastes the same. I didn’t know you could have so many options of both cake and frosting. I didn’t know such a caliber could come from these mini pieces of paradise. I didn’t know I had space in my congested heart to love these things. Now that I am wiser, and more complete, I feel I really need to share this knowledge with you.  They are my favorite cupcakes I have had… ever. Sorry, friends and family, you do not compare to these puppies.

All the flavors I got were magic. The frosting was paired to perfection. Most contained a little flavor shot in the center that just brought everything into a happy marriage of sweet flavors. Here are my favorites.

Red Velvet

Buttercream frosting that is probably the smoothest thing my mouth has had. A little bit of cheese cake filling that’s encased in a red velvet sponge, the classic flavor of love.

Salted Caramel Fudge

A little dollop of fudge in the center, covered in carmel and buttercream with a dash of sponge to remind ya the bottom is just as good as the top.

Monster Cookie

This one was my favorite, I love monster cookies, it was the main cookie of my childhood and probably still is if I get a baking motivation. This just brought back good memories of childhood, the frosting on this was exactly like cookie dough with a center of chocolate and the sponge had M&Ms with a somehow magic cookie accuracy. If for some reason I am non-responsive, toss one of these in my mouth and I think it will bring me back from oblivion.

Strawberry Lemon

Lemon is one of my lesser liked baked flavors but man the sweet tart just goes hand in hand so perfectly here.

Maple Bacon

I love this combo too much. You slap bacon on anything and bam I am in. Same here.

I could ramble on about the flavors I tried (all amazing) or you could just try it yourself! She puts a lot of thought and effort into all the flavors and I barely scraped the surface of her skills.

If you want in on these little miracles, check out her website and order here. She also posts pop-up sales on her Facebook page (these sell out quick!)

It has been a pleasure watching her business grow. She also does great things for the community, donates cupcakes to fundraisers, participated in giveaways on Sabadash and also helped exchange donations to give cupcakes to some awesome vets. Just all around class act and I am proud to be able to share with you, that these will become your gold standard too.

Hey I’m Abram, a La Crosse towny. I am a person who is always curious. I love food, geology, hiking, biking and drinks of all kinds. I plan on learning more and more about a lot of different things. In my free time I like eating, cooking, gaming, and hiking.

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