Get Baked | Act II: Hona Goods

This 3 pack of fall love has got me accepting what’s to come. Fall, crunchy leaves, blankets and tea, less guilt for slowly becoming a sloth.

Abram Dyke

Eater of Food, Drinker of Drinks

The Hona Goods mastermind Kristy Ellen loves making things from toothpaste to tea. She wants to share her flavors by using her vast knowledge of herbs and plants to give you some things that feel good to have. It’s healthy, it’s ecologically thoughtful, and it’s made by someone right here at home in La Crosse.  She hooked me up with a fall three pack. Here’s the breakdown

Harvest Granola

This is a lovely take on a timeless classic. I am pretty sure I have never had granola with pumpkin seeds and now I wonder how the world kept such a thing from me. It’s got some cinnamon sweet, some salty savory, and the soft center of the pumpkin seed gives that toothsome chew. I like that it doesn’t stick together in big chunks. I can spread it upon my yogurt or cover pumpkin bars or have a smooth pour right into my mouth without having a granola clot chipping a tooth.

Pumpkin Butter Spread

This cream is a cool syrupy saccharine blanket that covers my toast. The fresh ingredients in this spread really bring out the flavor of a sweet caramel colored, cinnamon, pumpkin. I would put this on my failed baked goods to cover up what I can’t do, or on a cinnamon raisin bagel.  The texture is perfect for spreading upon anything and it has to be healthier, at least it sounds that way. What sounds better, “Let’s use that pumpkin butter on these buns.” or  “Let’s put some melted lard log on it.”

Apple Pie Cookies

Finally, a portable pie that doesn’t bleed about whatever container I put it in. This is a soft cookie with lovely bits of apple and white chocolate chips intermixed with some oats and cinnamon sugar we all know, to give me a flavor I love. Apple pie. The white chocolate chips surprised me but it works very well.

This 3 pack of fall love has got me accepting what’s to come. Fall, crunchy leaves, blankets and tea, less guilt for slowly becoming a sloth. All of these goods are locally sourced (some from her garden!) and fresh.

There is now a Hona Goods Harvest Gift Bag and it includes these three and more.  A bath tea, Calendula salve with Comfrey, and natural toothpaste. Enough to make me smile! These make great gifts and/or a treat yo’self purchase.

Abram Dyke

Abram Dyke


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