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E. 225: Katie Stevenson Jewelry

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Decided to make jewelry for myself…and that ended up being way more jewelry that I could ever wear…people asked for jewelry, I gifted jewelry, and it just grew organically.

We talked with Katie Stevenson of Katie Stevenson Jewelry, we talked about her beginnings with the medium, process for creating work, influences, how she chooses crystals and stones and where to pick up her pieces.

La Crosse Local is proud sponsor of the La Crosse Winter Roots Festival.

Katie Stevenson 01:12
So I’m Katie Stevenson. I was born in California. My family moved to the area when I was 11. And I’ve always been a rock collector. Used to come the beach for shells and rocks and you know pick up fun rocks when I see them or you know the gift shop with a rock bin. Always avid digging in the rock bins. But during the first year of the pandemic, I got more into crystals collecting and that sort of stuff. And it was fun to you know, posting them online and show people how neat they are. And a lot of people hadn’t seen the wide variety of crystals that were out there. And I’m like, how can I show people more? You know, how can I collect rocks, but also show people more rocks? And so I decided to make jewelry for myself. And that ended up being way more jewelry than I could ever ever wear. Yeah, I people asked for jewelry, gifted jewelry, and it kind of just grew organically.

Brent Hanifl 02:21
What’s the process? Like you know, it sounds like you’re pretty new to it, but what’s the process like for creating the work? Do you have a process? Is it like certain, you know, you said different rocks that comes along? Or is there themes or what’s that process like?

Katie Stevenson 02:33
The process is pretty much I buy the rocks pre shaped, pre polished. I live in an apartment, so it’s kind of hard to do that in an apartment. But basically the rock kind of tells me what’s going on, I do mostly wire wrapping. So that’s copper, silver, gold, wrap that around the stone and secure it in place without any soldering or glues. I basically try to show the rock off as much as possible. Give it a frame and a vehicle so somebody can wear it.

Brent Hanifl 03:10
I really liked that idea explanation of a frame and vehicle, you know just looking on your Facebook page of just the different ways that it is wrapped. It’s kind of showcasing the different pieces, you know, some oval, you know some circular, all different shapes and colors and stuff like that. So yeah, do you have influences you go after, what influences you? Is it artists or like the rocks?

Katie Stevenson 03:33
I’ve always been a creative person. I painted, sketched all sorts of different things. I’m always making something. So I think Mother Nature’s the artist, and I’m just kind of helping that along. You know, there’s a lot of Viking wire weaving and embroidery principles. You know, using those sorts of things to secure the stones in place pretty much you know, and then watching YouTube videos of other people doing it and picking up tips and tricks here and there.

Brent Hanifl 04:09
Yeah, it definitely seems to be multiple different ways that you incorporate the wire. What is your relationship to crystals? So when people say crystals, there’s a whole philosophy but I didn’t, are you into crystals or how does that work for you?

Katie Stevenson 04:21
I am into crystals. I’m not, my daughter is much more versed at the metaphysical properties of all the crystals, but I tend to believe that you crave what you need to eat you for crystals. It’s like what you’re drawn to is the crystal you need in your life. I think they all vibrate on a certain frequency and those are frequencies we need or we relate to. So yeah, some people take it a lot farther than that. But I just believe that you know we can use it to supplement our healing, and you know, beautify our space and make us feel better. I always have some in my pocket or my purse or you know, they’re always around me.

Brent Hanifl 05:10
So where can people pick up your work in La Crosse?

Katie Stevenson 05:14
So in La Crosse I sell at 611 Crystals. It’s on Highway 16, right on the Frontage Road there. Otherwise, I have a website. Pretty new, only a few things on there. It’s

Brent Hanifl 05:31
So and also you’re going to be part of La Crosse Winter Roots Festival which is happening February 12th. I believe we have over 20 artists that are going to be there.

Katie Stevenson 05:40
Fantastic. Yes, I’m excited.

Brent Hanifl 05:42
And do you spend a lot of time working with the Driftless Makers Market?

Katie Stevenson 05:45
This is my first time. I work at a nursery during the summer and most of their events are during the summer. So I haven’t been able to participate. So I’m super excited. This is my first time.

Brent Hanifl 05:57
Awesome. So if people want to find out more what’s the best avenue to send them to?

Katie Stevenson 06:01
You can visit my Facebook just google Katie Stevenson Jewelry, my website or stop down to 611 Crystals and the owner Christy is a very good friend of mine.

Amy Gabay 06:17
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