La Crosse, WI | January 15, 2021: The La Crosse Virtual Mayoral Forum being held on January 21, 2021, will be available for viewing at the La Crosse Local & La Crosse Independent Facebook pages as well as on the La Crosse Local Youtube Channel. Questions are being collected from a diverse range of community organizations and the night will be moderated by Eric Timmons and Laura Abellera of The La Crosse Independent. Candidates will have equal time to answer questions as part of a fair and transparent format. “This will be a great opportunity for the public to hear directly from the candidates on a range of critical issues facing La Crosse,” Timmons said.

All mayoral candidates have been invited to participate. Topics will cover everything from economic development to issues around housing, homelessness, policing and the environment.

Confirmed mayoral candidates to date include:
Katherine Blanchard
Martin Gaul
Zebulon Kemp
Vicki Markussen
Jessica Olson
Mitch Reynolds
Samuel Schneider
Christopher Stolpa

What: La Crosse Virtual Mayoral Forum 
When: Thursday, January 21, 2021 | 7 pm.
Where to Watch: La Crosse Independent Facebook Page, La Crosse Local Facebook page, and the La Crosse Local Youtube Channel.

The stream is provided by Dylan Overhouse Productions and Mike Makes.

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