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The Necedah singer-songwriter’s debut album sticks to tried and true traditional country, carried by the rhythm of an acoustic guitar and held all together by Arbanas’ confident vocals.

Tony Arbanas

Roots, Tony Arbanas’ latest solo album that came out on November 11th, 2020 is a down-home country record led by the strumming of an acoustic guitar and the lyrical storytelling of a small-town man. The album explores the beaten path of traditional country genres and sounds, all while establishing Arbanas’ personal songwriting abilities. With a range of themes, each track explores a different experience and emotion, all while featuring a variety of chord progressions and vocals.

One of the record’s highlights is its namesake track “Roots,” a vocally driven ballad that dwells on the weight of time and finding a way back to your roots. The lyrics namedrop Arbanas’ small Wisconsin hometown of Necedah, but foster a relatable desire of missing home and the memories found there. The lyrical elements, vocals, and guitar come together on this track and throughout the album to firmly place Roots in the traditional country genre and on the map within the local music scene.

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