The Deathless Dogs Five Across The Eyes

On their EP Bored, Not Boring…, the band leans further into old-school melodic alt-rock and pop-punk, experimenting within the genre and flirting with unique lyrical expression and wordplay.

Bored, Not Boring...


Much like their first EP Hard To Relate, Zammek doesn’t stray far from the pop-punk and alternative rock mold on their EP Bored, Not Boring, but for a good reason. The mixed genre is notorious for melodic rock, buzzsaw guitar, and revealing, direct lyrics dwelling on the failures of self and society, and Zammek pays homage to the style well with their own flair and individuality.

Bored, Not Boring is full of the expected rhythmic guitar patterns and punk rock brio, but the style is elevated by relatable and impressive lyrical elements and lead singer Matthew Erikson’s Billie Joe Armstrong-esque voice. One of the record’s highlights, “Great Value,” exhibits the staple styles of punk and alt-rock, but strays from the path in its own way bringing high energy and that sought after garage rock feeling perfect for live shows. The band strives to have fun with their music, creating off-the-cuff, unpredictable predictability both in the studio and on stage, and the effort reflects in all of their songs on Bored, Not Boring.

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If you like Green Day or Dead Kennedys, you might also like Zammek, as their EP adopts a similar style of upbeat punk rock.

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