Album Review: Rucksack Revolution – Rucksack Revolution

After experimenting in ambient, rock, jazz, electronic, and cinematic styles, Minneapolis based music-maker Nick Roesler released a genre-defying instrumental debut album featuring Dave King on drums.

Nick Roesler (feat. Dave King)

Released: April 21, 2023

A post-genre project fostered by studying composition with Minnesota drum legend Dave King, Nick Roesler takes listeners on a 9-track instrumental journey through genre and musical expression in Ghosting a Funeral. The debut collection of tracks draws influences from ambient, rock, jazz, electronic, and cinematic styles, and arranges them together into a unique soundtrack for listeners of many musical tastes and backgrounds.

Released on April 21, 2023, Ghosting a Funeral relies on a range of instruments and sounds to guide the listener along, and to establish the tracks as stylized, interesting, and diverse. Roesler does this masterfully, featuring baritone guitar and keyboard at the forefront, along with piano, synth, and a range of samples. Adding in Dave King’s epic drum performances is the cherry-on-top, so to say, adding a whole new dimension of depth and texture to the music. The album is available for streaming on all major digital platforms, and fans of Roesler’s debut can look forward to live performances to be announced.

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If you like the instrumentals of Radiohead and Explosions in the Sky, the beats of Mike Doughty and the quirks and bleeps of bands like Amiina, you may also enjoy Nick Roesler’s Ghosting a Funeral.

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