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Shots from the Show: Daniel Champange

Shots from the Show: Daniel Champange

Daniel Champange
Written by Alex “Toast” Troester
Photography by Dylan Overhouse Productions
Hamline University | St Paul, MN | 07.23.22


Mr. Champagne combines percussive fingerstyle techniques with elements of folky singer-songwriting, but with an early background in blues and classical guitar, it’s not quite that simple…

The lights dim. We see a man with an acoustic guitar approach the stage. The audience stares with anticipation, inching towards the front of their seats as the performer begins to show us the possibilities of the vast soundscapes his instrument can create. With his left hand he begins the hammer-ons while his right rapidly taps the body of the guitar. His thumb pick begins to scrape the wood. An ambient yet intentional mood is set, and just as we begin to get comfortable with these unique noises, a swift THWAP, CLICKCLICK, POW! pulls us back to the present, and the set is begun.

I first heard of Daniel Champagne in early 2019 while living in Portland, Oregon. A friend and fellow aspiring performer, Amber Russell, played an opening set at The Big Legrowlski, a small Big Lebowski themed bar with a quaint listening room attached. At the time I had no idea what was in store, having only Amber’s recommendation that Daniel’s style would be something with which I would resonate. Upon the conclusion of his set my mind was blown, and I knew I had witnessed something truly special.

Mr. Champagne combines percussive fingerstyle techniques with elements of folky singer-songwriting, but with an early background in blues and classical guitar, it’s not quite that simple. There are complicated arpeggios scattered amongst the chords, unique drumming patterns played any and everywhere on the instrument, and beautiful lyrics that paint pictures of his stories. And somehow it all happens at the same time. Drawing influence from characters such as Kelly Joe Phelps, Jeff Lang, and Tommy Emmanual, Daniel has created an aural landscape unique unto itself.

Fast forward to summer 2022: this Australian performer is now selling out venues with higher capacities and touring with the kind of tenacity that doesn’t seem physically possible. With 44 shows on this run of the U.S. followed by 32 in Canada and 26 more in New Zealand all before Christmas, it’s no wonder he is finding success. His insights on business and marketing are second to none, and he’s currently organizing his next North American tour for 2023.

It’s been an honor to get to learn more about how Daniel operates over my 3 weeks traveling with him, selling his merchandise and helping with general on-the-road management. Make sure to check out his most recent single “Favourite Alibi” off his upcoming album “Shimmer Through the Windscreen”, and keep your eyes peeled for where you can catch him in 2023.

Alex Toast grew up in small-town Minnesota, where he performed with a variety of bands. He moved to Colorado in 2011, where he spent time working with the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, learning to grow cannabis, and playing solo acoustic music at various open mics.

Dylan Overhouse is a creative filmmaker with an ever-growing passion for documenting events and everyday life. An innovative storyteller, Overhouse is known for directing and producing music videos, commercials, and short-form content.

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