La Crosse Local Podcast E.12: Graham Kaczmarek

Graham Kaczmarek is the head brewer at the La Crosse Distilling Co., Graham was in on the early Fort Collins, Colorado beer scene, honing….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.73: Brad Clarkin

We had the opportunity to chat with Brad Clarkin, Director Of Production Operations for Kwik Trip! Origins of the Blueberry Dunker Donut…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.3: Eva Marie Restel

I sat down to talk with Eva Marie Restel about these educational programs. She is the executive director of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra.

La Crosse Local Podcast E.75: Unwound Artisan Yarn Shop

Today we are joined by Kate Holten and Susan Crutchfield of the Unwound Artisan Yarn Shop in downtown La Crosse, a shop offering high…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.48: Dayne Stevens

Dayne Stevens is a local artist working in marker, colored pencil, and wood blocks. Recently, expressive portraits and characters….

La Crosse Local Podcast E.25: Derek Ramnarace

We’re chatting with Derek Ramnarace. Derek is a well known musician in the area from fronting the college band Hooch in the early 2000’s…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.26: Cole Bawek

Today we chatted with Cole Bawek of Ashley for the Arts, Cole shares with us his involvement in the music and arts festival, from filling the 4,000…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.66: Jon Holthaus

Today we chatted with Jon Holthaus of Milkhaus Dairy, this local dairy is raising only cows that produce A2 protein milk…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.44: Dustin Luecke

Local TV host and actor Dustin Luecke, is a big supporter and participant of the La Crosse Community Theatre, he shares his process when preparing for a role…

La Crosse Local Podcast E.24: Eddy Krogman and Dan Speer

Eddy and Dan of The Deathless Dogs were both born and raised in La Crosse. Together since 2011, The Deathless Dogs are unique for the local music scene…

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