La Crosse Independent, a site offering news and analysis on local La Crosse issues, La Crosse Local, art, food, and entertainment podcast and publication, and the La Crosse Times offering locally-sourced satire are banding together to offer advertisers multi-level, multi-site advertising opportunities to an actively engaged La Crosse area based audience.

Join us in supporting local publications promoting an alternative news source, arts & entertainment, and a daily dose of comedy and satire all in one package for businesses and organizations. Advertisers may jump in at a full year or a 6-month campaign while getting impressions on all three sites with an average of 82,000+ combined “page views” a month. 

These three sites have already added to the voice of news, the La Crosse arts and dining scene, and the comedic landscape of the Coulee region, highlighting the many talented individuals, and committed organizations that make La Crosse an exciting place to live, while giving our readers ideas of new experiences to explore, timely relevant local news, and a laugh of relief.

About the Publications | Media Kit

La Crosse Independent

The La Crosse Independent is a progressive, people-powered, online magazine dedicated to providing news and analysis on issues that matter to the people of La Crosse and the wider Coulee Region.

La Crosse Local

La Crosse Local is an arts, food, and entertainment podcast and publication for La Crosse County and its surrounding communities. Find us online at or in your favorite podcast app.

La Crosse Times 

The La Crosse Times was an idea borne from a member of the area’s original sketch comedy group, Live! From La Crosse. News-minded comedy writers from that performance group banded together to create locally-sourced satire.

Media Contact

Brent Hanifl
Media Director
River Travel Media