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That is when I realized I was watching someone else’s vision… From then on, I really wanted to show people how I see the world.

Dylan Overhouse

Owner , Dylan Overhouse Productions

Dylan is the owner of Dylan Overhouse Productions, a local photography and video production company in La Crosse. Dylan got his start as a concert photographer as well as being a documenter of places and events.  You can often find Dylan, camera in hand, standing at the foot of a stage.  He’s been invited to shoot major music acts including Shinedown, Atmosphere, the Cold War Kids and more.

Although stage photography is an important part of Dylan’s work he produces portraits, scenic landscapes, and artistic pieces.  It’s likely you’ve picked up a local magazine with some of his work (including this one), but it is the artistic imagery he’s created that he is most proud of.  “I made a 360 degree panorama of downtown La Crosse at 4th and Pearl… I learned this process where you can wrap a panorama into a circle and kinda make it look like a little planet. So I took that idea and chose an iconic spot downtown that I thought would work, and it just came together. It eventually won an award from Artspire and it was hung up at City Hall for a year, so that felt really great to just be recognized for my work.”, he said.

Dylan realized fairly young that storytelling through the lens was where his passion lay.  “I became really curious about how everybody sees things differently, as a kid I remember back in 5th grade we read the book Holes, and throughout the book I had imagined this environment and these characters and I thought that was just the way that they were. So after reading the book, we watched the movie, and it was completely different than I could have imagined. That is when I realized I was watching someone else’s vision… From then on, I really wanted to show people how I see the world,” he said.

While live music photography is where Dylan got his name, he’s been moving into video production for local musicians.  His first project was with popular local musician, Andy Hughes.  “(He) reached out to me with a couple songs and out of the three that he sent me, I chose this song “Little Miss Sunshine” because the deep message behind it really stood out to me. So we went with that and took his song and created a visual story to it,” said Dylan.  “Most often the artist has a loose idea of what they want and I try to take that idea to the drawing board and really just build from it, and try to create an entertaining story.”

Dylan Overhouse Productions has an exciting year ahead with collaborations and new projects on the horizon.  “I work with a small group of people capable of taking on large media projects. We are the middle of shooting a music video for Gregg Hall and The Wrecking Ball, which will be wrapping up pretty soon and then we are going to carry that energy over and continue to work on some commercial and tourism related content throughout the rest of the year while we continue to grow together as a team and hopefully continue to expand,” said Dylan.

Dylan’s work and more information can be found at dylanoverhouseproductions.com.

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