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The released episodes used ingredients readily available at area farmers markets.

Season 2 guest hosts included several also featured on Season 1, including Mayor of La Crosse Mitch Reynolds, Josh Dumale of Dirty Dozen Donuts, and Abram Dyke of Abe’s Raves. A new host this season is Wisconsin Foodie’s Chef Luke Zahm of the Driftless Cafe.

For those that choose to follow along, recipe cards are available here.

*meal prepared by guest host

Ep01: Asparagus Two Ways with Abram Dyke
Ep02: Spring Mix Breakfast and Lunch Bowls with Mayor Mitch Reynolds
Ep03: Larb with Abram Dyke
Ep04: Potato Gnocchi with Pesto and Broccolini with Josh Dumale*
Ep05: Fresh Veggie Board Spread & Fresh Raspberry Vodka Mojitos
Ep06: Lebanese stuffed grape leaves with Abram Dyke*
Ep07: Chicken Soup with Sticky Rice and Hmong Sausages with Luke Zahm*
Ep08: Pork and Ginger Stir Fry with Abram Dyke
JEp09: Korean BBQ Bowl with Abram Dyke
Ep:10 Khao Piak: A Rice Noodle Soup Dish with Abram Dyke

Thanks to Altra Federal Credit Union, Mayo Clinic Health System, People’s Food Co-op, and La Crosse Fireplace Co.for supporting Season Two!

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Cooking with Bao
Altra Federal Credit Union

La Crosse Local, Dylan Overhouse Productions, Mike Makes, and Bao Xiong, founder of the For Independent Hmong Farmers Corp. partnered to produce the 10 episodes. They debuted on Youtube and the La Crosse Local Facebook page.

“Cooking with Bao” was awarded a 2021 Specialty Crop Block Grant from the US Department of Agriculture and will be using funds for the rebuilding and establishing of a program to help Hmong farmers rebuild their business, as well as the production of Season 2, to further spread the message of Independent Hmong farmers in the La Crosse area.  Learn more. 

An Independent Hmong Farmer’s Fundraiser

For Independent Hmong Farmers Corp. is a nonprofit organization focused on preventing local produce waste and hunger in the community through financial assistance programs for independent Hmong farmers who donate produce to food pantries and nonprofit organizations.

Those who still wish to support Independent Hmong Farmers Corp and its ongoing programming may send donations to Venmo.

Independent Hmong Farmers Corp. (501c3)
P.O. Box 578
La Crosse, WI 54602

Media Contact
Bao Xiong
An Independent Hmong Farmer’s Fundraiser


Cooking with Bao


Cooking with Bao

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