Album Review: Rucksack Revolution – Rucksack Revolution

On their first official duo project, longtime local bands ZAMMEK and Midwest Voltage came together for a unique split album, Beer City’s Finest (A ZAMMEK​/​Midwest Voltage Split Malt Beverage).

Zammek & Midwest Voltage

Release: April 15, 2023

Releasing April 15, 2023, and debuting that same day live at an epic release party at Pearl Street Brewery, Beer City’s Finest brings together the sounds and talents of ZAMMEK and Midwest Voltage. With expected rhythmic guitar patterns and punk rock brio from both groups, the split album builds off of their similarities to create a cohesive 6 track experience. Both adventurous and conventional, the tracks emulate a thread of new and old from ZAMMEK and Midwest Voltage while rejuvenating the tried and true style of frantic, instrument-heavy rock.

Crafting music that is arguably best heard live, ZAMMEK and Midwest Voltage both bring a high energy, excitable stage presence that pairs well with the sounds that they’ve fine tuned over the years. The split album will be immediately showcased live at the bands’ Split Album Release Party on April 15, which will also feature Porcupine & Stopping Short.

Like this/Like that

If you like Green Day or Dead Kennedys, you may also enjoy ZAMMEK and Midwest Voltage’s Beer City’s Finest, as the split album features similar genres.

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