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After a string of singles, Tragic Americans has finally put out their first full length album. Exhibiting their throwback style of hard rock, the album aims to tell stories and drive emotion with hard chords and sweet melodies, a tribute to the Driftless Region’s musical heritage.

Ramshackle Heartbreak

Tragic Americans

Ramshackle Heartbreak is the full-on hard rock, bluesy record that the group’s single tracks have been foreshadowing for some time now. Released on November 6th of this year, it’s the band’s most in depth and put together production by some distance. The album features strong, confident vocals and a variety of guitar chords from band members John Montet, Dustin Schilling, and Torben Larsen, while Nathan Weissenberger leads the way on the drums. 

In their new songs, Tragic Americans continue to play with genre, molding it to fit their own strain of hard rock blues. One of the record’s highlights is “Why Didn’t You Call Me,” a simple song carrying heavy blues undertones guided by long guitar solos and a consistent drum pattern. The lyrical elements and vocals from lead vocalist Montet on this track, and many others, bring each production together, setting a wistful but unburdened mood to the entire album. Ramshackle Heartbreak carries the fusion of rock and blues, and the new album shows the band moving forward in their abilities and pushing the local music scene to new levels. 

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