Album Review: The Homeland Conspiracy – Times Have Changed

The Midwest rockers’ noisy and chaotic expression of alternative garage rock, 12 Legged Luncheon is undeniably energetic with catchy guitar riffs and melodies and strong vocals.

12 Legged Luncheon


On 12 Legged Luncheon the WRST dive head first into the alternative garage rock genre with a raw and energetic rock and roll style. Ranging from sultry grooves to driving guitar with sophisticated, occasionally aggressive lyrical aspects and vocal delivery, 12 Legged Luncheon is a garage rock album with the WRST’s unique, alternative twist and desire to not do just one thing. The tracks lure you in with catchy melodies until you find yourself unconsciously hooked on the lyrics and the vocal delivery.

12 Legged Luncheon produces the expected alternative style and features but eludes repetition from track to track with unique changes in rhythm, riffs, and additional genre play and exploration. One of the album’s highlight tracks is “Rheumy,” complete with snarling guitars that reflect the album’s roots in rock, coming off as rough edged, simple, raw, and direct. Many of the other 12 songs follow a similar suit, though the variety of approaches and techniques the band takes on keeps the album fresh and exciting. For example, the tracks “Basket Case” and “Cliff” feature a rap vocal delivery paired with a range of guitars. While another track “Work Boots” stretches even further from garage rock, digging into the alternative and indie genres. The band even goes so far as to explore narrative storytelling on their ballad-esque track “Get out of Town.”

Like this/Like that

If you like The Black Keys, The Decemberists, White Stripes, or Grinderman, you might also like the WRST, as their debut album dips into a variety of genres and pairs them with the garage rock style.

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