The Deathless Dogs Five Across The Eyes

Their first EP together as The Lake Effect, duo Andy Hughes (TUGG) and Stacy Hanson (Red Sky Warning) bring together their honest songwriting, careful lyrics, and their dual part harmonies to create three memorable Indie Folk tracks.

The Lake Effect

The Lake Effect 3P

Released September 1st, 2022, The Lake Effect 3P features the talents of the incredible duo of Andy Hughes and Stacy Hanson, known from their creative collective, Broken Wrist Records. Hughes is also well known for his place in the band TUGG, and Hanson for his in Red Sky Warning and Merry Weathers, three local groups that can often be found at festivals and events throughout the region. Performing together, as well as solo making use of the Nashville-esque song-swap format, the long time friends formed The Lake Effect after coming together during the downtime of the COVID pandemic.

The EP album includes three tracks that fit somewhere in the middle of the indie and folk genres. Characterized by dual part harmonies, honest lyrics and songwriting, and the unique talents that Hughes and Hanson bring into their musical duo, The Lake Effect 3P makes for an easy and enjoyable listening experience.

Like this/Like that

If you like Daniel Rossen, Caamp, or Mt. Joy you may enjoy The Lake Effect’s The Lake Effect 3P, as the EP album features similar genres.

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