Album Review: The Homeland Conspiracy – Times Have Changed

Rallying aggressively against the modern music agenda with passion and hard rock, the driven Midwest rock band The Homeland Conspiracy self classifies as a progressive wake-up call changing the world one ripple at a time.

Times Have Changed

The Homeland Conspiracy

For a hard rock band built on being a voice of reason in the modern music agenda, The Homeland Conspiracy’s upcoming 2021 album, Times Have Changed, is a collection of chaotic-good tracks sending out an unfiltered wake-up call to an industry they feel has lost sight of what it once was. The songs are full of say-what-you-mean attitude and outrage, from the impressive lyrical elements and lead singer Scott Seago’s howling vocals to the loud and proud guitar solos and consistent drumbeat.

Times Have Changed is a hard rock album with frequent tinges of punk and metal, producing songs that fans of all three genres will enjoy. With a goal to write music that has something relevant to say, The Homeland Conspiracy’s second album serves to rouse people to the realities of the world and themselves, much like popular rock band Rage Against The Machine. All aspects of the band come together to create that aggressive rock sound full of shredding guitars and powerhouse drum and bass beats with Seago’s signature style vocals reigning over the top, and Times Have Changed is no different, following suit with songs that combine these styles and expand upon them.

Like this/Like that

If you like Helmet, Black Flag, U2, or Rage Against The Machine, you might also like The Homeland Conspiracy, as their new album combines similar sounds to create music that fans of every vein of rock music can find something to like about.

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