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Starling’s latest gives life to the beauty of the La Crosse area through collaboration of music and photography. 


Mike Starling

Backwaters, Mike Starling’s newest album is an expressive and unique work, capturing the essence of a place you wouldn’t recognize unless you’ve been there yourself, Starling’s guitar-based record speaks of the natural marshes and wildlife of the Driftless Region without uttering a single word. The result is an instrumental album that flits around the range of sounds from acoustic and electric guitars, combined with a specific vision of the landscapes that define the region.

Starling’s music alone can be visual, and in collaboration with Friends of the La Crosse River Marsh photographers John F. Sullivan and Roger Averbeck, the tracks come alive in the telling images of the marshes. The collaboration is based on an effort to raise funds and awareness for La Crosse’s natural resources, and it does so through the combination of sound and image that recalls a relatable memory of experiencing the outdoors. You can download the tracks free for a limited time, though the artists do ask those who are able to consider donating to preserve the local wetlands of the La Crosse area.

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If you like John Lee Hooker, Ry Cooder, or Herbie Hancock, you might also like Mike Starling, as he draws influences from these musicians while recalling his own experiences and sound. 

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