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The second of two solo albums, Kit Mayer’s Stone’s Throw presents some of the Wisconsin native’s best work, 10 tracks released in December 2021 that fall squarely in the realm of Americana.

Kit Mayer

Stone's Throw

A leading force for some of the most renowned and original bands in the late seventies, including Blind Baby Olin & the Workbenches, Jawbone and most recently The Mayer Brothers Band, Kit Mayer is back with another solo album, Stone’s Throw. Released in December of 2021, the full bodied ten track record embraces the Americana genre that so often has emerged from small towns and rural regions. Emphasizing originality in both style and songwriting, the collection of tracks on Stone’s Throw embody Mayer’s personal style of songwriting and production, which includes storytelling and symbolism. This style draws on his firm roots in the world of Americana music, a genre that encompasses traditional music styles including folk, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, singer-songwriter, and roots music.

Stone’s Throw takes advantage of the broad range that the Americana genre affords, by way of Mayer’s unique lyrics and the diversity found from one song to the next. For example tracks like “It Brings A Smile” and “Cinderella” take on a more country and bluegrass twang, whereas “Let’s Finish What We Started” and others highlight more of the folk and roots aspects of the genre. The album also features top local musicians Jeff Sherin, Mark Divini, Terry Nirva, Joe Hauser and Mayer’s brother Hans backing him in the studio. The combination of Mayer’s raw talent and unique song writing, the Americana influences, and the help of top local musicians creates a cohesive final product that makes for easy listening and enjoyment for all listeners.

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If you like Bob Dylan, The Avett Brothers, or The Civil Wars, you may enjoy Kit Mayer’s Stone’s Throw as it also falls within the realm of the Americana genre like these artists.

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