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2022 Year in Review: Top 5 La Crosse Local Podcasts

Top 5 most downloaded La Crosse Local Podcasts of 2022 (in no particular order)!

Our 2022, top 5 most downloaded podcasts includes a Libby Weber, Chief Executive Officer of The Weber Group, the fellas of the LAX Food Hall, local musician Lisa Freedlund, Adam Greuel of Rucksack Revolution, and guitarist and songwriter Alex Toast.

Take a listen!

Listen to “E. 256: Libby Weber | The Weber Group” on Spreaker.Listen to “E. 235: LAX Food Hall” on Spreaker.Listen to “E.295: Lisa Freedlund | Musician” on Spreaker.Listen to “E. 230: Adam Greuel | Rucksack Revolution” on Spreaker.Listen to “E. 234: Alex Toast | Percussive Fingerstyle Singer/Songwriter” on Spreaker.

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