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10 (or so!) Questions with a La Crosse Local: Kathleen Pielhop

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Kathleen Pielhop
Kathleen Pielhop | submitted photo

Meet Kathleen Pielhop

Kathleen Pielhop is a dedicated individual who currently serves as the Community Engagement Director of Downtown Mainstreet. With a passion for fostering connections and building relationships, she has become a beloved figure in her community. As a longtime community ambassador, Kathleen has made a significant impact in promoting local businesses and bringing together residents in meaningful ways.

What do you do for work and what makes you good at your job?

I work for a local non-profit, Downtown Mainstreet Inc. as the Community Engagement Director. I love my job and the connections/relationships I have built. I believe I bring genuine enthusiasm and love for the community.

You have 8 hours of uninterrupted La Crosse time. Where are you going, who are you taking, and what are you doing?

Start with a bike ride or walk through the marsh trails near Myrick Park then head over to The Root Note to get whatever seasonal coffee drink is available (I was on a Green Glow kick for a while and now I am on matcha latte kick) and catch up with whoever is at the coffee shop for a bit. Next, I would meet up with a friend to go shopping and thrifting downtown then head over to Another Green World to get more plants for my place. I would squeeze in a dance class at I+E Dance Studio for my movement and mindfulness time. From there I would grab a pizza from Pizzeria Dolorosa and have a picnic down at Riverside to wrap up my day with a quiet evening.

What La Crosse event do you love and why?

Artspire in June and anything during the holidays downtown like Rotary Lights/Holiday Open House.

Best La Crosse adventure you’ve been on?

I have lived in La Crosse during many different seasons of my life and the most memorable adventures have consisted of going to a community event with friends or just exploring trails/hiking around the area.

What La Crosse community organization is doing a great job?

GROW La Crosse is doing an incredible job! I have also loved watching the growth of Habitat for Humanity.

If you could bring one amenity to La Crosse what would it be and why?

More public art installations or more diverse bands/musicians at the La Crosse Center.

You’re going to a movie and you have room to sneak in 3 snacks.  What are they?

I typically go to the Rivoli and get pizza, so I don’t even need to sneak in snacks, but if I were to sneak in snacks I would bring gummy worms, peanut butter silk cups from The Pearl, and dessert granola (which is typically always in my purse anyways).

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

None haha!

Fill in the blank:  La Crosse needs a ___________

Juicery or a locally owned custom donut shop.

Fill in the blank: La Crosse is really good at_____________

Live music, great food, outdoor recreation, and genuine community.

You have out-of-town visitors that have never lived here.  Where is one place you will absolutely take them?

Moon Tunes to enjoy live music, eat at the local food trucks, enjoy a Sensi, and explore Riverside.

Best burger in La Crosse?

I take burgers very seriously so this is a TOUGH question. I would have to say it is a tie between Restore Public House and a quick to-go option (& vegetarian) would be the Florentine burger at the People’s Food Co-op!



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